Get a Life Balanced!

Feel like tumbleweed blown in this crazy “new normal” world? 52 REAL tips+strategies from a Top Rated Speaker Sheryl Nicholson to put your life in balance. Fun + Results-Oriented so all can benefit.

Get a Life Balanced Tip 11 Empowered with the Zitch List(tm)

Here's one of the best tools to stop people grumbling and start focusing on being empowered to make changes. It's amazing how much time is wasted complaining about things we have no control over.  This simple method can be used by all ages and all levels of education.  Have so fun and do you OWN Zitch Party at your next family meeting!

Remember these tools are also on the website at under FORMS and you can also get additional free tips by signing up there. 

Get a Life Balanced Tip 9 Hold KTC’s

There's nothing better than to stop the nagging or whining,  And THIS tool empowers ALL to better communication and FUN by holding KTC's,  You can do this if you're a couple or a huge family.  And once you know how to do it - you can even use this idea at work with team members.  Don't forget all the forms shared on these podcasts can be downloaded at and sign up at the site for additional FREE articles.  PLUS we would love to hear your ideas and suggestions at your facebook community  Just Google Get A Life Balanced on Facebook and join us.


Get a Life Balanced Special Podcast - Gifts of the Heart

Stressing about finding that perfect gift and the money to buy it this Holiday Season?  THIS session will teach you what I learned years ago about the value of presents that cost next to nothing but leave a legacy in memories that will last for years. Also pick up other suggestions for Gifts of the Heart at our website under the tab Forms.  Don't forget to sign up for even MORE tips at that website and join our facebook community  We would love to hear how YOU are using these tips to chage YOUR life and if you'd like to suggest a show email us at  THANK you for your awesome support!


Get a Life Balanced Tip 10 Use the BullFight Problem Solving Formula

Empowerment has been a term thrown around for years...and yet many don't have a tool to help put them in charge and focus on solutions instead of problems.  Here this tool is used in combination with the episode on KTC's and also the Zitch list.  Remember these forms can be downloaded at AND you can sign up there for additional FREE tips and strategies.  


Get a Life Balanced Tip 12 Re-institute Dinner Time

Did YOU sit and eat dinner with your family as a child?  Is it possible to re-institute that special time in today's busy world with soccer practice, and math tutoring, and church events, and so on and so on?  ABOSUTELY and hear some creative ways to make it happen - if not EVERY night then you'll be committed to do it once a week and it will be a "glue" that will connect your family,


Get a Life Balanced Tip 13 Remember When You Had Friends?

When was the last time you physically saw your friends - no not via text, or video, or phone, but actually sat beside and laughed and had fun?  Here's a realistic way to put friends BACK into your life!  Rememebr to sign up for more free articles and tips at and join our facebook group,

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