Get a Life Balanced!

Feel like tumbleweed blown in this crazy “new normal” world? 52 REAL tips+strategies from a Top Rated Speaker Sheryl Nicholson to put your life in balance. Fun + Results-Oriented so all can benefit.

The Unproductive Networker by Sheryl Nicholson, CSP

After watching how badly people network, Sheryl wrote this poem and then had that turned into a rap song.  It's to the point, will make you grin, and is often what opens her keynotes on the big stage. Listen and enjoy. Contact for permission to use Sheryl Nicholson,CSP is an International Speaker and author

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Get a Life Balanced Tip 5 - By Sheryl Nicholson, CSP

1.      Tip 5. How to Deal with Time Stealers.  How do you deal with the two types of interrupters?  Those who stop by and those who just walk in WHILE you are working.  Did you know those interruptions cost you 22 minutes?  That’s how long it takes to get re-focused AFTER the interruption.  Learn effective ways to stay focused and don't allow others to waste your time!


Get a Life Balanced Tip 6 by Sheryl Nicholson

1.      Tip 6.  Interview with Single Parent Chris – a single Dad talks about his challenge of “wanting control” and not delegating.  How do you handle your child telling YOU they need more time with you? Chris picks up tips on how to delegate to get his life balanced


Get a Life Balanced! Tip 7 By Sheryl Nicholson

Tip 7       How to Say NO Without Sounding Passive or Aggressive! Six savvy ways to do it – don’t get over booked on committees or overused as a volunteer.  Understand how NOT to host ALL the family events and much more – these tools REALLY work!


Get a Life Balanced Tip 8 By Sheryl Nicholson

Tip 8.  Umbrella Living.  This strategy helps you get more done is less time – This is a FUN and visual technique that you can share with your family, and even co-workers!  BONUS - How to hold effective meetings.

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